The Ackerman Podcast #18 / Spirituality in Family Therapy with Froma Walsh PhD

September 25, 2015

Froma Walsh PhD stops by to discuss spirituality in the therapy room!

The Ackerman Podcast #17 / Foster Care with Catherine Lewis LCSW

August 17, 2015

Catherine Lewis LCSW joins us to discuss the Foster Care system.

The Ackerman Podcast #16 / Increasing the Capacity for Love with Brent Atkinson PhD

July 20, 2015

Brent Atkinson PhD joins us to discuss how to increase our capacity for love!

The Ackerman Podcast #15 / Attachment with Dr. Sue Johnson

July 1, 2015

Dr. Sue Johnson stops by to discuss attachment.

The Ackerman Podcast #14 / Kids Who Push Our Buttons with Martha Straus PhD

June 15, 2015

Martha Straus PhD stops by to discuss how she negotiates difficult youths in the therapy room.

The Ackerman Podcast #13 / Self of the Faculty Series with Evan Imber-Black PhD

May 4, 2015

Special Episode!  Evan Imber-Black PhD reflects on her career in this Self of the Faculty Series talk.

The Ackerman Podcast #12 / Secrets with Evan Imber-Black PhD

April 14, 2015

Evan Imber-Back PhD joins us for #12 to share her thoughts on secrets in the therapy room.

The Ackerman Podcast #11 / Intersubjective Mindfulness with Dan Hughes PhD

March 25, 2015

Dan Hughes PhD joins us to discuss his work with children who have experienced trauma and neglect.

The Ackerman Podcast #10 / Internalized Racism with thandiwe Dee Watts-Jones PhD

March 2, 2015

thandiwe Dee Watts-Jones, PhD joins us for episode #10!  She shares her thoughts on racial issues in society and the mental health community.

The Ackerman Podcast #9 / Power of the Breath with Richard Brown PhD

February 9, 2015

Richard Brown, PhD stops by to discuss the use of breathing techniques as a form of therapy for the masses.